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Elizabeth Larson

Elizabeth Larson

Financial Consultant

Elizabeth Larson is a financial consultant with a skill set that helps people make smart choices with their money, empowering them to pursue their personal goals. Using values-based financial planning, she helps her clients identify what’s important about money to them.

Since childhood, Elizabeth has watched her parents live their mission, blessed to be a blessing. Her goal is to carry that mission forward. Having a diverse family, including four sisters with Downs Syndrome, Elizabeth understands the importance of special needs planning. She strives to alleviate any fear of “what if,” and replace it with the calmness that comes from having a comprehensive written financial strategy.

Elizabeth and her team have developed a process of helping clients find money they may be losing unknowingly and unnecessarily. Pinpointing up to 20 areas of wealth transfer, they strategize with their clients to help them find those areas, and implement a plan to put that money toward their financial future in an effort to increase their current lifestyle.

Every person has unique financial goals which require unique planning. Often, people work hard, save, and plan to accumulate wealth. Less often do people think of their exit strategy. Using effective planning, Elizabeth's goal is to help her clients seek out money they may be losing, increase their lifestyle, and reap the rewards of their hard work in a tax efficient way.