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Our Philosophy

The Bucket Plan<br/>

The Bucket Plan

The Bucket Plan is a three-bucket approach of segmenting your money based on the purpose and time horizon before you will need it. Essentially, we are buying income or a time horizon to invest the difference for long-term growth. The Bucket Plan is a way to holistically structure your savings to tackle today's market challenges while meeting your immediate, short- and long-term goals.

The Tax Management Journey<br/>

The Tax Management Journey

There are thousands and thousands of pages of the IRS tax code, policy, and revenue rulings, and it all comes
down to these seven simple words: Not all money is taxed the same. The more we can engage in proactive tax
management, the more we can help you keep what took you a lifetime to build, regarding your net worth and your
assets. Once you get to the point where you need to turn those assets into income, we can help you maximize the
income and minimize your taxes. Our Tax Management Journey is a proactive and engaging tax management
process which allows us to maximize your income and minimize your taxes.