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The laws that govern IRAs are 118 pages long. In fact it is soooo long that in 2015, it was divided into two sections (590A & 590B). These pages are full of potential errors that can negatively impact your IRA.

If you end up losing part of your Retirement assets do to a misunderstanding of the tax code, those dollars and the dollars they could earn in the future are gone forever.

IRA Resources

New IRA Law
Planning for Multiple Beneficiaries
Trust Strategies

Special Needs

My wife and I have adopted 7 children, 4 with special needs (Down syndrome). Planning for those with special needs holds a special place in my heart. We can agree that these kids are truly SPECIAL.

Asset Preservation

Creditors and Predators are everywhere. That is why as your Castle grows, the mote around your Castle needs to grow too. Find ways to protect your Castle.

Tax Planning

Did you know that for a couple, there are literally THOUSANDS of Social Security options available? Alarmingly, a wrong choice can cause you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.