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Timothy Bogert, CLU, ChFC, LIC, AIF®Accredited Investment Fiduciary™

Timothy Bogert, CLU, ChFC, LIC, AIF®
Accredited Investment Fiduciary™

TIMOTHY P. BOGERT, CLU, ChFC, LIC, AIF® is a Financial Consultant for people who want to invest in their family’s future. He has practiced a values-based method of financial planning for over 35 years and defines his job as helping people make smart choices about their money with the goal being, no matter what happens in the market, economy, or the world, they have a higher probability of achieving their goals for the reasons that are important to them.

Tim represents both individual and business clients throughout Michigan and several states in areas of financial and tax planning; assist with the administration of Qualified Plans (401(k), Profit Sharing, and Pension); probability analysis, and IRA rollover strategies. Tim strongly believes that the road to excellence is always under construction. Therefore, Tim attends many advanced seminars each year covering such topics as Retirement Planning, Philanthropy Planning and Tax Free Income Strategies to name a few. Tim also knows that no one can know it all. That is why he surrounds himself with some of the Nations “go to” authorities in Wealth Planning such as Ed Slott and many others.

Tim holds advance degrees from the American College in Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania as well as the “Accredited Investment Fiduciary” and often consults with employers in the design of their Qualified (IE 401(k), Profit sharing, SEP, Pension Plans). Tim is also a member of Ed Slotts Master Elite Advisor Group which he has earned through extensive continual training with the Nations recognized IRA expert Ed Slott.

Tim’s status as an Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Group™ Advisor makes him one of less than 175 invitation-only advisors nationwide who are dedicated to solving the complex financial problem of effectively managing the distribution of assets from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s). Tim has appeared with Ed Slott on PBS (Public Broadcasting TV) over 20 times since 2009. Ed Slott is not affiliated with America Group Retirement Strategy Centers of LPL Financial.

Tim feels his membership as a Master Elite IRA advisor is an important asset he brings to his clients. Ed Slotts Master Elite IRA Group is an exclusive group of advisors dedicated to advanced training in Individual Retirement Accounts and distribution planning. Tim has held this membership since 2005 which makes him one of the longest members of this elite group. Tim feels it is a priority to invest in this high level education to help his clients maintain their retirement accounts and correctly manage their wealth in a consistently shifting financial climate.

The Wall Street Journal has named Ed Slott “The Best Source of IRA Advice”. To retain his “Master Elite” Status, Tim must attend two 3 day workshops with Ed, pass semi-annual exams each year, and undergo an in-depth background check. During the 3 day workshops, Tim is able to drill deep into the tax code so as to better enable him to keep current with the most recent IRA and retirement plan rulings. He is also immediately updated anytime there are tax-law changes, and has access to Ed and his team of IRA technical Consultants to discuss advanced planning cases.

Tim enjoys his profession that he feels he has been lead to. Finances and the proper handling of money and assets go back to biblical times. The Bible mentions money or wealth over 200 times. Since these writers feel it is important enough to include it in God’s word, Tim takes his role as advisor and educator to his clients seriously. Recently published with Ed Slott. Click here to learn more.

Tim enjoys not only advising clients but also educating them in about how money actually works. He likes to ask his clients “If what you thought to be true turned out not to be true, when would you like to know?”

Like an engineer looks to correct inefficiencies in their designs, Tim considers himself to be a “Financial Engineer”, and shows his clients how to correct Financial Inefficiencies so they can recapture money they are sending away from their “Circle of Wealth” unknowingly and unnecessarily. This found money can then be used to help clients increase their accumulation assets while also increasing their current standard of living so the journey getting to their future goals is more pleasant.

Many people focus on Accumulation Planning to find future goals (college, retirement, house etc…), but Tim likes to teach clients that “distribution planning” can be equally if not more important. In fact, Tim likes to explain to clients that the methods use to accumulate assets is inherently different than the methods used to distribute assets. More mountain climbers fall descending the mountain then ascending.